Monday, November 8, 2010

Leftovers and Languishing Veggies

Can I restate the obvious for the twentieth time?  I love food.  I love the fact that a home cook can combine leftovers, languishing veggies, lots of cheese and a hunk of pizza dough and come up with this.

My guys went hunting this weekend, so I made a few meals on Friday that they could enjoy this weekend.  I didn't know exactly what would taste good after sitting in a tree for eight hours (I suspect anything hot would do the trick) - so I made them chicken corn soup, stromboli, a beef roast , sweet potatoes and veggies.  A little side note: all the veggies, including the chicken corn soup - made their way home.  I guess vegetables don't sound appealing after braving 40 degree weather.  ***(see author's note at bottom)***

We had leftover beef that I thought of simply tossing, but I like the challenge of creating from leftovers.  I also had a red pepper that was close to shriveling, one lonely portabello mushroom and a nice large sweet onion.

So, before leaving for the longest and coldest soccer game [in which we lost miserably] - I made pizza dough.

shredded beef mixed with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and pepper

sliced swiss and shredded Seriously Sharp Cabot

right before assembly

simply make dough double the size and fold over the filling - aren't they cute?

prick holes and crimp the edges

after baking

 Our condiment of choice? Ketchup, of course!  This was the most perfect variation of a Philly cheeseteak I've ever had!  Calzones are extremely versatile, apparently the more traditional versions include ricotta cheese.  Because the pizza dough is homemade, it is a little more tender than commercial varieties - leftovers leave a little to be desired.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law stopped by and we had extras.  I'll definitely be making calzones again, probably filling them again with leftovers and languishing veggies!

***for recipes of: sweet potato casserole, stromboli, three-ingredient beef brisket,  and pizza dough - click on the highlighted words above! ***


  1. I love to make stuff from leftovers. It makes me feel incredibly virtuous. I'd never thought of Calzones for languishing vegies!

    What a fabulous idea.

    Did the hunters bring anything besides the vegies home?

  2. Oh and Ive been meaning to tell you forever that I love the new blog makeover!

  3. they saw some good deer, but none were very cooperative - imagine that :)

    thanks - it's kind of "fall-like", which I'm sure seems strange to you on the other side of the equator!

  4. That sounds really yummy and a really excellent way to use up left overs.
    I love your fall blog look too.

  5. I love repurposing leftovers and this is one of the best ideas I've seen! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for using Cabot cheese! Our farm family owners appreciate your support, and so do I :)

  6. The "seriously sharp" cheddar is one of my favorite cheeses! I also find it very interesting that cheddar is lactose-free.